Saturday, August 5, 2017

DIY Hanging Dish Towel

I recently made several hanging dish towels for my sister. I have never thought about making these hanging dish towels since my oven does not have a handle to hang them on, but if it did I would hang this adorable towel. My sister was here for the week helping my mom out and asked if we could make these together. She brought a sample towel that she bought several years ago which we used as a pattern. Below is her new towel and the sample towel.
We went through my fat quarter stash and found lots of cute fabric for the top section. We used bias tape for the string and a few buttons for decoration. I think they turned out really cute and now she is stocked with new towels! Below are a some of the towels we made.
Here is the rest of them all in a pile!
What a fun and easy project, I hope she brings a new project next time she visits. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finished a few projects!

The summer is flying by, I can't believe we are half way through July! I have been busy painting my house downstairs, but have had time to get a few thing fun projects done along the way. Here are a couple of finished projects that I thought I would share with you.

I haven't crocheted in years but I picked it up again and finished this afghan. This pattern is from the Bernat Satin - Around the Seasons Afghans. This is the Spring - Lacy Ripples pattern, I used the same yarn and colors as in the pattern. I think it turn out great, it is a easy pattern and goes quickly.
I made the pillows years ago using monochromatic colors, and promise stitching. If you are not familiar with promise stitching it is an old art in which you pre-wash the fabric but never iron, the batting is flannel and is never prewashed. Once you have your quilting completed the quilt or pillow is washed and when the flannel shrinks it gives it that wonderful antique look.

I completed this rug hooked pillow that matches my first one I completed years ago. I like to try different things and this is a fun project that goes fast. I have enough to make a third matching pillow so I hope to get that done soon.

Lucky has a new friend his name is Hubble.
I think they will be great friends.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happy One-Year Anniversary Lucky!

Today is our one-year anniversary of bringing Lucky home from the local shelter. What an amazing addition he's been to our home, I can't imagine our lives without him anymore. He's such a happy, funny little boy, who loves to be loved. We are very grateful to have this wonderful dog.

 Thank you Lucky, for coming to our home!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunflower Gatherings Quilt is Finished

I finished the Sunflower Gatherings Quilt today! I just need to quilt and bind it then I am officially done. I wanted to update my blog and document this momentous date - January 29, 2017! As I stated in an earlier post this was an amazing experience with lots of detail and challenges. I did change the center block from the original pattern to make it more of my own. You can see a close up of the center block in one of my earlier posts. 

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern designed by Lisa Bongean go to Primitive Gatherings.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Almost Done!

Wow what a long journey. I started this quilt in September of 2014, it is now January 2017 and I am just now finishing the border. I'm not sure if any of you have projects like this where you are very enthusiastic at the beginning and then you get distracted by other projects. You look at it sitting there and you know you should be working on it, but you start something new. You keep putting it off until one day you have moved it so many times it is ridiculous and then new year resolutions come out and you finally pick it up again and realize this is it!  I have to finish this quilt!

This "Sunflower Gatherings" quilt has so many pieces it was overwhelming, but as I come to the end I am very proud of my accomplishment.  

No new projects until this is done, I will show you the finished product soon! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I recently had a week off from work and enjoyed spending time with my kids! It's crazy how we get so involved in day to day activities that we forget what’s important. We make sure we get to work on time, get everything done at work and home, spend a few hours watching a TV show that doesn’t mean anything then go to bed and start all over.

As I get older and I have time to reflect on my past and future, I realize that I am so lucky to have this time with my parents, my girls, and now my girl’s partners. I am looking forward to seeing how their lives evolve. Simple things like playing a game of Monopoly and hearing the laughter just made me realize how much I have to look forward to.

I went on a hike this week, a hike that I said no to several times. After the hike I realized that I need to spend time looking around and appreciating the little things in life, and not worry about the crazy things that in a year won't even matter.

Here are a few photos from the hike, remember what is important and appreciate those moments. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unique Farmhouse Bench

I wanted to share this cute and unique farmhouse bench I found at an estate sale last weekend. It is not only a very cute bench it is a bookshelf too! I love the crescent moon cutout on each end, of course I had to put it in my bathroom.

The bench was very dirty when I took it home - again my wood preserve that I have shared with you in an earlier blog came to the rescue! It brought the dried out wood to life showing all of its unique character.

The small rag rug on top was a purchase from a sale I went to last year. Love it when the treasures you find fit so well together.