Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cookbook Collection

A few posts ago I was letting you know about my book holder find from a thrift store and how I restored the wood. Here it is updated with some of the old cookbooks I have found over the years. One of my favorite places to find old cookbooks is the fall library sale they have here. People donate books to the library that you can purchase and the money goes back to support our local library. I have found several cookbooks that make a colorful display and give you a glimpse into the past.

As I flip through the pages it is fun to see what people have hand written by recipes. They update what they did or what they should do next time adding their recommendations to make it better. It makes me smile when I see the handwriting from my mother or my grandmother’s generation it really is different from today’s penmanship. If you are looking though a family cookbook you might find a treasure - I found a letter to my mother from her father in one of them which she had forgotten about and it brought back lots of memories for her.

The recipes might not fit into today’s health conscious life styles with lard, butter and more butter, but they tend to have fewer ingredients that you commonly find in your pantry and best of all are made from scratch.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Drive

It was a sunny day today in the Bitterroot Valley and a beautiful day for a drive. The temperature was 41 degrees Fahrenheit. We have had cloudy weather here for the past several days and we jumped at the chance to get out and enjoy the day. Here are a few photos we took today on our drive. The snow on the mountains is amazing against the blue sky.

Here are a few more photos to enjoy. We saw a few deer crossing the road and just caught one looking back at us.

Hope your day was as sunny!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


I decided to hand quilt this quilt years ago and I finally completed it!  I would work on it then put it away for a year then pull it out – you know how it goes. I do believe my final incentive was that I wanted it for the room we painted last summer. I had never hand quilted a quilt this large before and I can honestly say that I will probably never attempt that again. It is rewarding to look at it now as I do prefer the look of a hand quilting; the hours spent doing it though is crazy!

Here are photos of the completed quilt; I think it looks great with the antique iron headboard and frame.

At any rate it is a good start to the year when you can start checking things off your to-do list. I will get back to my wool applique quilt now and check that off my list next.  I have so many projects I want to start, but my 2016 resolution is to finish projects I have already started and I am sticking to it.