Sunday, May 1, 2016

Convertible Cowl

Whenever I go get my tires rotated or checked, I end up at the yarn shop while I wait; this always leads to purchasing something. I know that I could just go to the yarn shop without this excuse, but I really don't need anymore projects! Last fall while waiting, I went into the yarn shop and I saw this cowl displayed. They usually have the pattern displayed with the sample, but this time I had to ask about the pattern. Turns out, it was on Ravelry. I went home and purchased the pattern. I love the idea of changing it by buttoning it differently. I already had both the yarn and the buttons, and they just seemed to work together for this versatile pattern. Below are some process pictures of the cowl and the final product.

I am always drawn to anything green! I should look that up and see what that means.
Here is the link to the pattern: 

Here is the cowl completed! 

I think it turned out great, I would recommend this pattern! 

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