Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Amish Auction in St. Ignatius Montana

We starting going to the Amish auction in 2006, my dad and my two girls have attended every year and have always brought something fun home. They have their auction the second Saturday in July and this year's auction was very hot – about 98˚.

The auction is very busy they usually have three auctioneers going at the same time with plants, handmade quilts, and miscellaneous items. They also sell buildings and handmade furniture. The proceeds from the auction go to the Amish school. One of our favorite things is lunch…they offer a homemade chicken dinner with the works you can also purchase homemade ice cream for dessert.

This year I bought these two chairs the seats are covered with old quilts. They were a little dirty and the wood was dried out so I used my wood preserve I made earlier this year. I cleaned and polished them up a little; they add a nice touch to my kitchen and sewing room.

Last year I purchased this black vintage wooden expandable sewing chest and I have all of my knitting items organized now. I love this box!

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