Sunday, August 3, 2014

Don’t just Pin it … do it!

Here is the photo of items before we started.
This project is very popular on Pinterest. We are taking advantage of the dollar store and purchasing candle holders and glassware to make useful containers. I found the one container with the handle at the World Market for $2.99. The one larger dish is from a garage sale, which was chipped but still useful. So the total cost for each piece varies from $1.25 to $4.00 depending on the piece you choose for the top.


Finding the center.

Here is my daughter finding the center of the glassware, which is important if you want them to look good. She marked off the area using a dry erase marker then put the center dot in the inside of the container and wiped off the bottom.

The helpful hardware man at Ace suggested the E-6000 glue – works like a charm!

Once you start to glue on you have two minutes to stick the items together and it takes 72 hours for the project to dry completely.

This was a quick and fun project that you can do for gifts or for yourself! 

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